Get inspired and reach your goals and dreams

Let me get straight to the point.

At you DO NOT GET:

  • a nice website full with information and testimonials
  • advertisment and sales pitches to convince you to work with us
  • a chance to receive a free book, checklist, … so I can start mailing you
  • a partner that will deliver exactly what you ask (and not what you need)
  • a partner that accepts shortcuts and is happy with a basic solution
  • a one-time offer without a long time strategy
  • an exclusive partner that needs to do everything (but can)

At EventConsulting you GET:

  • a partner that will look at the ultimate goal of what you need
  • a partner that will work with the available tools and bugets
  • a partner that will focus on results  for a fixed fee and no billable hours

EventConsulting specializes in advice, brainstorming and support.

We want to focus on helping you reach your goals through events, websites and strategies.

Budget starts at € 500 – € 1.000 per day.

Still convinced?

Send us an e-mail at with your best pitch why we would select you as our next project. (We only select 2 new projects per month and are always fully booked for the next 3 months.)

Oh ja, we kunnen ook volledig in het Nederlands werken ;).

Specialized services

Speaker management

The most important aspect of any event is its content. For a conference, a smooth and good speaker management is a necessity. We take care of your speakers before, during and after your event, including any online presentations, beamer, audio and presentation management, … We can provide our own equipement or work together with the local congres center.

We are specialized in working with any local technical team to support your speakers at your event to get on stage with all the confidence they need for the best performance. In addition we can make almost any setup look professional, even a basic setup with one beamer and one laptop.

Event management

From advice and research to organising every aspect of your event, does it all, from small team building events to large sport events, specialized in congresses, conferences, symposia and exhibitions.

Online ticketing

Whether we organise your event or only support your ticketing service, we aim for maximum flexibility at budget friendly prices. Use your own payment gateway or sell through ours, we can support your ticketing sales, including automated invoices and entrance scanning if needed. No % or extra hidden costs, all you or your customers pay is the fee of the payment gateway(s) you choose and €1,21* handling fee per ticket.

* Including taxes and based on reasonable ticketing needs of the event

Website design & development

Every website must be unique, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend large amounts of money. We focus on your actual needs, keeping it clean and simple. can create websites for any budget. Making sure your website looks great but has the functionality you need, nothing more and nothing less.

Website hosting & maintenance

A website must be fast, reliable and secure. Having a professional hosting service is absolutely necessary. can provide just that in great packages together with maintenance. Keeping your website secure, backed up and up to date.

We even have a unique omnium package so you never need to worry about your website ever again.

We support you, creatively developing your project.

Create the site or event you’ll be proud of!

Please note that we do not accept every job offer.

We prefer to focus on our clients and the websites and events from our clients. We rely on our existing clients who love us and continue to spread the word.

Don’t just browse the internet to find the right partner for your event or website. Talk to your own contacts and find the right partner for you through references.

Still want to get in touch? Great! Please note that we respond to every mail and take our time to give your request our full attention. So give us at least one week to respond.

No contact form, no mailingfunnels. Just one simple e-mailaddress:

Kind regards,

Stephane Stiévenart


BE 0893 572 017